At Petatree, we know that the stress and anxiety related to death and euthanasia isn't limited to your patients. In fact, you are dealing with it on a daily basis.

Our research confirms what you already know:
repeated exposure to the end-of -life process leads to compassion fatigue and bereavement guilt
 resulting in feelings of anxiety, lethargy and depression.

We can help

When Petatree first started, it was designed to provide pet owners a positive way to navigate through the end-of-life process of their pets.

But as we learned the full scope of this journey, we quickly realized that you, the pet professionals, are exposed to this process on a daily basis, with little or no support.

Petatree turned  to experts: MaRS of Toronto, Innovation Guelph, RIC of Mississauga and the U of T along with researchers who have written the two leading research papers on this subject for the CVMA and the AVMA to develop a program designed for pet professionals that is "proactive" in its design toward dealing with Compassion Fatigue and Bereavement guilt before it manifests itself emotionally and within the culture of your clinic.

"you deserve the same compassionate care that you provide your clients every day"

 Here's How We Can Help

As a demonstration of our commitment to Pet Professionals in Ontario, we have partnered with MindBeacon, specialists in Therapist Guided Programs based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This partnership, which is exclusive to the industry-empowers you to:

Experience a specialized program that addresses issues unique to your workplace

And because of Petatree and MindBeacon's innovative arrangement with the Government of Ontario, your specialized therapeutic program is available to you For Free

Experience therapy that is completely digital

  • never worry about appointments to keep
  • available anytime your are, anywhere you are
  • receive care without judgment, from professionals who understand your place and space at your own pace
Let's start a discussion

We are here to listen and learn. Petatree's mission is to help everyone who is involved with and impacted by the end-of-life process of pets.

Please reach out to us here to tell us what you think, how we can help and how we can do it better.

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