Petatree transforms the ashes of your pet into the life of a tree

Petatree is pleased to have as our tree seedling supply partner, helping us transform the ashes of pets into the lives of trees. provides Petatree with a variety of deciduous and coniferous trees that are used to complete your Petatree Memorial Kit.  Serving Canada and parts of the U.S., has a proven track record of delivering quality trees as year-old seedlings with easy to plant peat-plugs which ensures the healthy delivery of your tree year round.


The Petatree Memorial Kit

Our kit includes the green-tech Petatree Urn, our pH buffer, conditioned soil and a tree sapling of your choice
  • our urn is made of our green-tech fibres that are fully compostable
  • conditioned soil provides an ideal, medium to ensure optimal growth for your specific tree type
  • our specially formulated pH buffer neutralizes the alkalinity of your pets ashes so it doesn't burn the roots of the tree;
  • our pH buffer also activates the ashes, releasing the nutrients which are absorbed by the tree roots
  • visit: "what kind oftree will your pet be?" to choose your tree type

Price: $219.00

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The Petatree Planter

The green-tech Petatree  Planter is the perfect solution to plant your tree indoors.
  • Beautiful, natural and stylish
  • Supports the Petatree planting kit
  • Made of our green-tech fully compostable, sustainable fibre
  • Stands 30cm tall with a 20cm base
  • Will sustain your tree indoors for at least 5 years
  • When you're ready to permanently plant your tree, simply place the planter and tree directly into the ground.

       Price: $85.00

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The Petatree Memorial Service

The Petatree Memorial Service is an Agnostic service for Pet owners

This service was recently added in response to requests from clients who preferred to "be in the moment" with the rest of their family and friends, contributing memories, stories and last wishes with their family friends while an experienced Petatree associate tends to the details, which include:

  • dig the hole if its a permanent burial and planting service
  • prepare the planter
  • mix the conditioned soil, pH buffer and ashes appropriately
  • explain (if requested) how the pH buffer protects the tree from burning and activates the ashes which releases the nutrients from the ashes and allows them to be absorbed by the root system
  • clean up

Cost: $150.00

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Did you know?

The Petatree tree saplings that become your tree will re-capture the carbon dioxide that is produced by cremation of an average pet  within 4 years after planting.

Petatree recommends Aquamation instead of cremation by fire; it is an organic process that is carbon neutral providing a sustainable solution.

Almost all trees require 23 nutrients to grow most healthfully; your pet's ashes contain 22 of those nutrients.

re-captured CO2 produced by fire-Cremation makes us all breath easier

Did you know that the average pet produces 325 pounds of C02 when cremated? But when you plant a Petatree, your tree recaptures that carbon "paw print" within the first 4 years of its life and after that, its a carbon-capturing, oxygen producing hero!